Exklusive live webinar with the hotel sales expert Anton Leiner with the topic: "take off after the crises "

free of charge and Exklusive Webinar ... 

Take off after the crises: 
How you can increase your occupancy quickly and secure your business sustainable.

  • You will get to know the 3 largest myths, why by common opinion sales of services does not work, and nobody wants to be sold something. 
  • You will receive three simple tips, which lead, by successful sales pesons proven many times, quickly to successes, i.e. to more Ravenue, but also to more content clients.
  • All tips are immediately and easily transferable for you, even without being a sales professional. This way you can quickly welcome new guests at your hotel.

This is what you can learn in this free of charge webinar ...

Secret # 1: 

Become initiative as a sales person! 
You will find out, that this sales person is the most successful, who takes the initiative again and again.

Go for the best!

Secret # 2

Create business from existing business! 
This tip shows you how to win new clients out of your existing guest or clients the easiest way.

Secret # 3

Astonish your clients! 
There are 2 possibilities to survive:
1. you are cheaper than the others.
2. you are better than the others.
Frequently it is easier to be recognized better by being "different as the others".

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Presented by:

Anton Leiner, expert in hotel distribution for more than 30 years

Anton Leiner holds a bachelor degree in business administration, has been a self employed consultant for more than 10 years, lecturer at the European Campus of the university of Deggendorf, trainer and coach.
Focus of his consulting and training activities is to increase occupnacy and revenue of his clients, but also to motivate and strengthen the team members.
Next to hotels other enterprises in the tourism industry like DEHOGA Nordrhein, business centers, large caterers or equipment rental companies count to his clients.
He generated his knowledge and expertise during more than 20 years in leading positions at renowned international companies like Starwood, Accor or Kempinski, e.g. as Vice President National Sales Germany for Accor and Dorint hotels
His experience in operation include the position of a general manager at the Mercure Hotel Munich and as managing director of the family owned hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 

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